Honestly Healthy :: Tele-Talk | Handel Group


April 22, 2016
Led by Handel Group

Do you have a dream of being healthy, hot and wholly tickled to be you?

Join Handel Group Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Lauren Handel Zander for an inspiring 1-hour Tele-talk on how to design your health, define what’s truly hot for yourself and get into the right actions to, once and for real, forward your dream.

In this 1-hour Tele-Talk you will learn:

How to dream again and be inspired about where you want to be health-wise
How to limit negative thoughts about your health and cultivate positive ones
How to trump (nothing to do with him!) your own excuses
How to get yourself to take as good care of yourself as you do others
How to get the health results you’ve always wanted

If you are ready to not only take care of yourself, but impress yourself, come to this call.

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