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How To Become the Person You Were Meant To Be

Zoe Blasky speaks with Laurie Gerber, who is an Executive and Senior Coach at the Handel Group, which is one of the world’s leading coaching businesses. The Handel Group work with some of the world’s top celebrities, including Eva Longoria and Hugh Jackman.

Laurie works with clients to maximize their ability to thrive across every single area of their life. Laurie shares her own story and how she came to this work after realizing there was an area in her own life that needed unlocking before she could be fully empowered to live the life she dreamed.

We talk a lot about empowerment during the episode and how to become the person you were meant to be. We also talk about how we can ‘alchemize’ the way that we were parented and show up for our children differently.

I was really inspired by Laurie’s message – I think you’ll be able to hear the symmetry and energy between us in our conversation and I hope you enjoy the episode! As always, we continue the conversation over on Instagram, so do come and join us there.

You can download a transcript of this week’s episode here.

Key takeaway’s from this week’s episode:

How Laurie Started Her Coaching Career:

  • It all started when she was looking for tools for happiness. (03:29)

  • She tried yoga, tai chi, meditation and retreats, to name a few, until she discovered The Handel Method, which changed her life. (03:54)

  • The Handel Method resonated with her, and she realized she wanted to make it her job to keep talking about it. (04:39)

Going Back to Your Roots:

  • We carry personality traits related to our upbringing. (05:59)

  • Some personality traits may get in the way, but Laurie says people tend to talk about only the good stuff and never deal with the so-called bad traits. (06:50)

  • When we don’t work on these traits, we can unknowingly pass it on to the next generation. (07:31)

The Problem with Lying:

  • Laurie says lying is the number one epidemic. (08:43)

  • When you are lying, you cannot be true to yourself and others. (09:30)

  • Lying pushes away the truth. (10:13)

The Lack of Sense of Humor:

  • People lack a sense of humor about evolving; instead, they turn to nitpicking and criticism. (10:31)

  • Parents mean well when protecting and saving their children. But the way they control children and fear them into proper behavior can be harmful. (11:19)

  • Be aware of the unresolved traumas from the way your parents parented you. (13:40)

How to Start Becoming Self-Aware:

  • In The Handel Method, the first step is to rate the different areas of your life. (14:54)

  • Laurie says they ask people to articulate their dreams and write everything down. (15:49)

  • Looking into the different areas of her life helped Laurie become self-aware. (16:55)

  • The Handel Method allowed her to discover her priorities and what she needed to work on first. (20:04)

How Laurie’s Parenting Changed:

  • She was able to model having a happy life. (21:14)

  • Looking into herself helped create parenting techniques that are more natural and vibrant. (22:02)

Laurie’s Realizations from The Handel Method:

  • You have to look at your roots. (24:02)

  • Laurie believes that lineage repeats. (24:20)

  • You need to look at your parents to figure things out; however, do not blame them. (25:27)

  • Making a change in yourself can design the way you parent. (26:55)

On Mass Awakening:

  • Laurie thinks there are not enough humans who want to change. (33:38)

  • The pandemic could also be distracting humans from changing. (33:56)

  • The pandemic is an opportunity to check in with yourself. (34:12)

Thoughts About the Pandemic:

  • She is happy to be with her family while working from home. (34:48)

  • It has brought uncertainty, but it challenged her to become a better person. (35:12)

  • Laurie thinks it’s a good time for humanity to slow down. (35:42)

Laurie’s Relationship with Her Kids:

  • She focuses on modeling and being available to her older kids. (37:52)

  • They talk every night and schedule some activities together. (38:10)

  • Laurie views her children as individuals living independent lives. She does not want to create dependence. (38:29)

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