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How to get a Handel on your Magic

We have all experienced the inexplicable. You know, lucky coincidences in our lives, like bumping into an old friend in a remote location whom you were just thinking about, or randomly being offered tickets to a long-coveted, sold-out concert.

I like to refer to these supernatural events or mysteries as “magic.” As something that happens not just by chance, but by a unique ability that we all have within us to cause things to happen in our lives.

Now, many of you may be rolling your eyes at me and I get it. But in honor of Halloween, humor me and read on. This blog may just inspire you to look at your life in a whole new way and see what you are actually capable of. I mean we all love when our lives flow and everything just seems to go our way. It’s a powerful (and highly useful) feeling when you are searching for a parking spot on a crowded city street and think, “the next spot is mine” and within 30-seconds you find a spot right in front of your building.

Did you make that happen or were you just lucky? There are two ways to look at it:

  1. You are at your life’s helm, making magic happen OR
  2. Great things happen to you for no apparent reason.

One is active. One is passive. Which one empowers you more? Which one makes you believe that anything is possible?

You so know the answer.

When you are at the source of your own magic, it’s like you are your own superhero in your life. It’s more fun to look at your life that way than to think you’re just lucky. Right?

I also believe each person has his or her own brand of magic. The problem is most people aren’t aware of the magic that happens around them, pass it off as luck, and don’t think about it. I believe if people paid more attention to the magical events in their life – they’d experience even more magic.

What is your unique brand of magic? Think about it. Where are you most magical? Do you having timing magic? Are you always in the right place at the right time? Are you the one that gets that last 20 lb turkey on Thanksgiving? Are you lucky with bargains? Like every time you go shopping, everything you want is on sale. Are you a wish-maker? You wish for things and often some version of the wish comes true.

Can you see how some of the wild and recurring ‘coincidences’ in your life might actually be your magic? Now, let’s figure out your brand of magic and how to make it happen.

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  1. Define your magic – Look at your life and see what type of magic you create. Write out your brand of magic in 1-2 sentences.
  2. Name your magic – Call your magic something fun that captures what it is. I have a friend who calls her magic, “gypsy magic.” Often, she is given random gifts for no reason. For example, she gets vacation homes to stay in all the time. And not just any homes, really nice ones. A few years ago, she was even given a classic, used Porsche as a gift from a family member when she moved to NY and needed a car.
  3. Wield your magic – There are ways to make your magic happen, you just have to figure out what it is. Look back at the last several times you made your brand of magic happen. What were you doing? What were you thinking? What do you think made it happen? See if there’s a correlation. My friend with the “gypsy magic” saw that if she speaks her truth and keeps all of her promises, her “gypsy magic” magically (wink, wink) happens.

Make your magic happen this Halloween! You don’t have to dress up like a good witch, you can just be one.

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