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How To MAXIMIZE Your Accountability and Your Results

Beth Handel Weissenberger is the Co-Founder of Handel Group®, a seventeen-plus-year executive life coach who has taught thousands of clients to “human-better.” She is the one who the top of the top CEOs, venture capitalists, and gurus go to. Beth’s coaching style, mad skills, and tool kit, plus the humor and honesty she wields as she owns her own dark side is exploding now, as the world implodes, and the truth about humanity can no longer be contained, even in a pandemic. She has worked with public and private companies delivering doubled and tripled sales, integrating previously “warring” divisions, and identifying obstacles to signing multi-million dollar contracts in short time frames. Beth’s ability to evolve corporate culture and bring about exponential financial growth has become her legacy.

In this episode, you will learn about…

  • What “integrity and accountability” truly means
  • Why do we suck at being accountable with ourselves
  • The 3 sneaky inner voices that sabotage your personal accountability and integrity
  • A powerful assignment that you can do to overcome those sneaky thoughts in your head
  • 3 things that you need to hold yourself accountable in getting the results that you want
  • The power of acknowledging, accepting, and making peace with your shadow side
  • 3 powerful questions and prompts to ask yourself in identifying where your integrity is out