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How to Stop the Lies

It can become easy to live a life filled with lies, even if they’re small. We lie to avoid bad consequences and hurting others, but most of all, to avoid being vulnerable. Honesty can be especially difficult when we have things in our life we aren’t proud of. We can keep secrets about ourselves from people for so long we can start to believe what we’re telling too. But what are the benefits to doing so? And more importantly, what are the consequences? When you’re wrapped up in so many lies, you start to lose your freedom to be and say who you want to because you can’t even keep track of what you’ve said and to whom. So how can we release the weight of lies off of our chests and find the inner peace again?
Today we discuss lying and honesty with Vanessa Coppola, a life coach at the Handel Group. She focuses on telling the truth to feel freedom and peace.

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