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How to Use Personal Integrity to Help You Become Sober

Life coach Alyssa Rocco joins The Alcohol and Addiction podcast host Lee Davy to discuss how to use Personal Integrity to help you become sober.

Change is a difficult process for every person. Numerous factors can hinder our personal growth. The promises we make for ourselves are challenging to keep, especially when we have lost all trust in ourselves and our ability to change. However, regaining our personal integrity is the first step towards establishing our self-trust again and eventually eliminating bad habits and behavior from our lives.

In today’s episode, Alyssa Rocco talks about the three ingredients we need to regain personal integrity to help us become sober. She also shares her own stories of setting up consequences for herself, so she can stay on track with her goals. Alyssa discusses why we have a difficult time changing, the things we tell ourselves and the external influences that disrupt our progress and cloud our decision-making. This episode is for anyone who struggles to change for the better.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  • Find out what personal integrity is and the three ingredients you need to regain it.
  • Learn about the subconscious thoughts you have that prevent you from keeping promises with yourself.
  • Discover practical ways to keep yourself accountable for the change you want to see in your life.

Alyssa Rocco is a biotech industry specialist turned life coach. Her career change came from her desire to be happy and live true to her dreams. She lectures about the Handel Method to her students at MIT and finds insights about her clients’ issues to inspire them and improve their lives. Alyssa is also certified in process improvement techniques and dances in her spare time.