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Hugh Jackman on Best Decisions, Favorite Exercises, and Much More

On The Tim Ferris Show podcast, Hugh Jackman discusses his best decisions, daily routines, the 85% rule, favorite exercises, mind training, life coach Lauren Zander, and much more.

“Everyone takes a shower every day, and we don’t complain about it. We do it out of discipline. There will always be an excuse not to meditate.”  — Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Academy Award®-nominated, Golden Globe- and Tony Award-winning performer, who has made an impression on audiences of all ages with his multi-hyphenate career persona, as successful onstage in front of live crowds as he is on film.

Tim Ferris wanted to have Hugh on the show for nearly a decade, and — even with sky-high hopes — he absolutely over-delivered. In the conversation, they dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, exercises, intuition, meditation, and much, much more. Hugh was very gracious with his time, and this is one of the longest interviews he has ever done.

Trust me—Hugh delivers the goods. Enjoy!

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