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Infinite Wonders

I watch my 5 and 7 year olds use their imaginations all the time. They create wonderful stories, images and experiences using only their minds. They delight themselves. This is how they grow and learn and live life. Why not me? Growing up meant getting “smarter” and knowing more, but so much of what I came to “know” was limiting to my biggest dreams. I collected theories for why I couldn’t have things and why it was safer to want less. Interestingly, as I experiment with purposely using my imagination to bring more good to myself and to the world, I find the practice to be as gratifying as the result (just like my kids do when they imagine). And inevitably, whenever I am faithful to my (manifesting) practice, I see great results.
Neville, one of my favorite authors on this subject, writes:
“Creativeness is only a deeper receptiveness…The whole of creation exists in you and it is your destiny to become increasingly aware of its infinite wonders and to experience ever greater and grander portions of it.”
He goes on to explain that “your concept of yourself” is what determines how quickly you can experience the portion of “infinite wonders” you wish to experience.
At the Handel Group, we go after “your concept of yourself” right away, starting with all your erroneous and limiting thoughts and theories from your past experiences, childhood, etc. Many Law of Attraction experts skip over deep “self-concept work” and its obvious counterpart, the development of Personal Integrity. Changing your concept of yourself means believing in your ability to change. The best way to build that belief is to prove it– to yourself. Our coaches challenge themselves and their clients every day to prove only the best, most exciting theories about what is possible, opening up a world of many new wonders.
Love, Laurie