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Keep Your Pants on at the Holidays

No, I don’t mean sex. I mean your skinny jeans.
Do you wear something elastic to your Thanksgiving meal or do you find yourself unbuttoning that top button? Often, holiday time seems like the perfect time to literally let loose on your pants and to loosen up (read: compromise) your integrity. Actually, it’s the exact right time to take your self-respect up a notch.
Remember, The Handel Method ™ teaches Personal Integrity®, as your access to happiness not as something to rebel against, like some arbitrary rules that may have been shoved down your throat in the past. The real point of the method is to have you reconnect with your heart, your deepest yearnings, YOUR highest ideals. When you connect there, you just feel so good! No matter how quickly results come, knowing you are living true to yourself makes you feel alive, strong, confident and free. (Wow- what a great gift for the holidays!)
Therefore making and keeping a promise to yourself, for example about how you will eat at Thanksgiving, is merely a tool. The point is happiness, authorship and pride. The exercise is to make and keep a promise.
And don’t you dare feel like a victim of whatever promise you make. It’s your job to think you’re a genius that you are finally honoring yourself (or continuing to) and see that everyone around you hops on board and gets inspired by how you act with respect for yourself. Leave that chip on your shoulder, along with the potato chips, and know this is about you getting what you really want.
So, I dare you to make a promise about Thanksgiving dinner and all the parties you are going to “have to” go to in the next six weeks. Here are some suggestions:
1) Drink three tall glasses of water 30 minutes before the party/meal
2) Limit of one alcoholic drink
3) Limit of one serving of carbohydrates (not talking about salad or green vegetables)
4) Have no desserts or one bite of a dessert
I double-dare you to choose all of the above. Wouldn’t it be nice to start the New Year weighing the same or less than you do now? Think what other big dreams you’d then have time to focus on!
Please write in and say what your promise(s) will be, so you inspire others and are more likely to keep your word.