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Keeping it REAL with your SELF

BlackBeltBeauty Radio host Roxanne Saffaie talks to Life Coach Lauren Zander about: Keeping it REAL with your SELF, living UP to your promises, stretching your SELF to DREAM BIGGER and WIN BIGGER in your life.

Lauren’s accomplishments in both career and personal life are outstanding to say the least.

What Roxanne loves so much about Lauren is that she is HONEST.

The idea that being honest with yourself at all costs is absolutely essential to creating a life that is enriched with passion, purpose, and vision. We get down on so many radical topics and ideas that stem from this level of Self-Honesty and Integrity in this talk.

From this episode, you will quickly grab that Lauren is the REAL thing. It’s from that realness her approach and the coaching methodologies she’s created effectively guides individuals to operate life from their highest Self by developing that same kind of honesty so they can dream bigger and actualize that bigness in their lives.