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Director of Sales, Senior Executive Life Coach

Kimberly Cabot

Kimberly has worked with Handel Group for almost a decade. She was Director of Operations in the Corporate Division for five years before becoming a full-time Executive Life Coach.

Since 2012, Kimberly has used The Handel Method® to transform her life and the lives of her clients around the world. She co-leads workshops for organizations around the U.S. and has guided her clients to leverage The Handel Method in their lives and careers to positively impact their results professionally and personally.

Kimberly participates in cultural and executive assessments, as well as leading workshops with groups on a range of topics, including Mastering Time, Designing Your Life® and Career, and How to Have Difficult Conversations.

In her previous career, Kimberly was an organic farmer, planted vineyards, and started a winery, where she learned many important lessons about business ownership and following through on actions to make a dream come true.

Kimberly now lives in Southern California and is a certified yoga instructor. She spends her free time adventuring in nature with friends and family, lifting heavy things in the gym, and gardening. Her iconic laugh, without question, helps all those that know her to lighten up about their dark side.