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Learn How to Be a Better You

Senior Coach Hildie Dunn discusses:

  • Her background came from academia as a college dean then moved into nutrition and fitness and spent time teaching intense mindfulness training. This led her to move into coaching.
  • 3 months of coaching changed the game for Hildie’s life.
  • Hildie prioritizes on having fun in every day. To help people get clear on what they want to do and what dreams they want to achieve.
  • Hildie talks about dreaming – achieving small because it’s safe vs dreaming big for your passion.
  • Hildie talks about how coaching and doing the Inner U work has helped her life.
  • Being proud and inspired is Hildie’s definition of happiness.
  • Hildie’s morning ritual is meditating and praying and doing her “daily design” of how she wants her day to go, but written in the past tense as if it has already happened. She writes 5 things she’s grateful for from the day before.
  • Being around family, moving her body in this world and when she knows she’s made a difference brings her extreme joy.
  • The one thing that makes the biggest difference to your health is being honest and telling the truth in Hildie’s opinion.
  • Hildie’s fantasy dinner guests would be Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and Mother Theresa.
  • Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” would be Hildie’s theme song a it talks about resilience being key.
  • Carla and Hildie talk about random acts of kindness.
  • Pick one area of your life that you are struggling in, and write the dream from how you see it in a year from now. So you can write it without any negatives and you can deeply connect to the why. Write it and read it every day as this will set the GPS for how you navigate this.