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Learn to Tell the Truth

Would you consider an exaggeration a lie? (What about when you “didn’t read that text” from a friend?) We all have versions of a little white lie, but is this secretly hurting you along the way?

We do this all the time without even realizing it… even a baby will fake cry for attention! But if we bring awareness to a lie today, we can live a more peaceful life with our kids tomorrow.

Show highlights include:

  • What the 7 categories of lies reveal about your compassion toward others (and how to stop letting lies slip under the radar) (10:01)
  • Why telling the truth feels like opening Pandora’s box and how to get comfortable with confrontation (without turning into an unhappy person) (16:42)
  • Why bringing a lie to light shapes the happiest and most trustworthy kids (while building a stronger family dynamic) (24:20)
  • What the childhood playground taught us about secrets—and how to get friendships back stronger than ever (33:00)
  • What the ‘Handel Method’ says about your latest excuse (and 3 steps to becoming a more truthful person today) (39:00)

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