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February 25, 2016
Led by Handel Group

Our yoga gives us a feeling of clarity, kindness and awareness, yet we struggle to consistently cultivate those qualities in our daily interactions. Handel Group® Life Coaching sees the yoga practice as an efficient entry point to greater consciousness and consistency. We are at a critical time in human evolution, a time when we can generate true shifts in consciousness. These shifts can and should begin with the yoga community.

This 4-part tele-course, led by Elena Brower, author of Art of Attention, introduces the work of designing our lives, so we may experience the bliss and balance of our yoga practice all day long, no matter what the context.

Wherever we are out of alignment: body, love life, finances, or career, we are in conflict. This series will give you the tools to create balance and be proud of yourself every day. Let’s truly be the example of caring, creative consistency in this world.

Call 1- How to Dream and Design Areas that Are Stuck

Once you figure out what’s really important to you, we will explore the tools to bring your heart, mind and body into deeper alignment. With this call, you’ll be inspired, confident and even unstoppable! Everything flows forth from your dreams – this is the best place to begin.

Call 2- The Power of A Promise

This second session in our 4-part series builds from the first session, in which you began by focusing on your most heartfelt dreams. Here we will ask you to see and cease your limiting beliefs about yourself, hush negative voices, and undo undermining theories. Then you will be ready to make relevant promises, and act according to your dreams. Learn the most effective way to call yourself to action and always follow through on your word.

Call 3- Being an Inspired Leader

Great leaders all have one thing in common: passion. In this interactive third of four sessions, learn the traits of leaders who motivate with spirit and authenticity. In this session, you’ll tap into your heart and discover the areas of your life where you want to be a leader. We will offer an efficient method to refine your life’s purpose, and define the eight characteristics of passionate leadership.

Call 4- Basics of Manifesting

The final session is designed to cause a positive and permanent change in the way you use your mind. In this session, you’ll see your dreams and actions take flight into a higher realm. We’ll introduce the practical steps of manifesting dreams, so you can see the world – and your influence on it – in a new way. Together we’ll also investigate personal roadblocks that remain and still prevent the fulfillment of your desires. This final session will embolden your faith and fortify your connection to the universe.

You may listen and participate in the call from anywhere in the world, and if you cannot make the time, you may listen to the recordings on your own time. All recordings are available for one week after the completion of this tele-course.

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