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Losing Weight is Easy. No Seriously, It Is.

If you are currently at a stage where you are overexercising or don’t eat enough food in general, don’t read this. This is for the people who are unhappy with the extra weight they put on, keep on and can’t seem to get off. This is for all the people who say:

“Food is my life.”
“I’m a foodie.”
“I couldn’t live without my XYZ food.”
“I can’t resist the XYZ food.”
“I live for food.”
“I can’t stand being hungry.”

And who ALSO say this:

“I wish I felt better.”
“I wish I loved my body.”
“I wish I was in better shape.”
“I wish I could do more of XYZ.”
“I wish I liked going shopping.”
“I wish I had better self-esteem.”
“I wish I could control myself.”

Good news: you can! And you will! BUT you have got to learn to control the talk in your head first and learn to say shut the f*^@ up to the voices that are telling you that eating what you know you shouldn’t will make you feel better. It won’t. I want you, instead, to record a little pep talk for yourself that you can listen to before you eat anything. It will be like “grace” for you. And it will be a moment of grace in an otherwise reactive world. It should sound something like this:

“Hold on a minute (insert your name here). Let’s take a moment to listen to the thoughts you are having right now. Do they sound anything like this?

I deserve this. I have been looking forward to this. I am starving. Everyone else is doing it. This will make me feel better. I can start  doing better tomorrow. I’ll just do extra exercise or compensate some other way.

Ahhhh, this explains the strong feeling of desire and righteousness you have right now.Take a deep breath and remember your commitment to yourself. Picture yourself in the mirror as you wish to be. For a moment, think of how it will feel to have all the confidence you want and the relationships you want and the ability to do more things. Does what you are about to eat line up with what you know you want long term. No? Okay, you can control your hand. You can put that food right down. You can say “NO.” You have that power. And when you do, I promise, something magical will happen: healthy food will show up, a friend will join you on a cleanse, or you will get an affirmation you’d been hoping for, because that’s how integrity works. Good job choosing what you will eat! Good job! Now you might want to plan your next meal or snack based on what you know works for your body.”

Seriously, I dare you to go up against the voice in your head and talk it back down. I dare you to control both your mind and your hand, and determine exactly what goes into your body. Think it’s hard to do without support? It is. Other people will try to rock your resolve, but you can still do it. We have groups to help. Our Dream Body 8-Week Telecourse is starting soon, so it’s the perfect time to join. Especially if you think you can’t decide what foods you should say yes or no to! We’re going to give you a list of do’s and don’ts designed by our favorite doctor of functional medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman, who is world renowned for getting people healthy. So please let us help. It’s what we love to do.