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Lost Your Mojo?

By Leslie Simone, HG Executive Coach Despite your leadership responsibilities, do you sometimes become drained and despondent at work? Or cranky and irritable, but can’t put your finger on the reason? Most of us tolerate staying in this frame of mind from time to time, even though there’s a fairly straightforward and fast way through it. Stagnation often occurs because we accepted behavior that we shouldn’t- either a colleague’s or our OWN. We’ve all been part of a meeting where agreement wasn’t reached, and perhaps accusations flew, but no one took the time to get to the bottom of it. How do we course correct? First, ask yourself, what situation occurred that has recently upset you, that you likely dismissed as “business as usual” or “holding the party line?” Where have you been offended, or alternatively, know you irritated someone else, and the situation is still lingering? The quickest way out of a seemingly inexplicable funk is to go have a direct conversation, be heard, and clean up a mess. First, ask permission to have the conversation. Share where you were responsible for creating the situation, or letting it linger. Even if you simply state that you don’t have a good answer now, but you are committed to finding a solution, you will reclaim vitality and be back on the path to dramatically shifting your energy and focus. Why ? When we step over things, we create discord and messiness that slows us and our progress. Taking a simple step towards realigning with colleagues is the quickest way to restore pride, momentum and the energy you need to focus powerfully.