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Make Time Your BFF

Are you one of those people who incessantly struggles with time and can’t manage your day gracefully no matter how hard you try? Trust me, I understand all too well how, no matter what, something always seems to come up or pull you in (aka Facebook, emails, google chats, snapchats, vlogs, blogs, Norma Kamali pop up sales, etc).

But, what if time IS one of the most important relationships in your life?

What if, in fact, it is the currency of you life? And, here you are, treating it like it’s an annoying telemarketer. Isn’t it about time you start treating time like an actual relationship in your life that matters to you, because, boy, does it ever?
Think about an important relationship in your life that you nurture on a daily basis. It might be your husband or wife. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Parent. Child. BFF. Whoever it is, there are certain characteristics to that relationship that make it work. For example, you pay attention to that person, you care about their needs, you learn about them, and you are, gasp, respectful of them.


1)   Paying attention to time means setting aside time to plan with it. For example: On Sunday night, you look at your week ahead and make sure your important work deliverables, goals and appointments are scheduled. You make room for fun, exercise, time with your family and friends, and of course sleep, eating and socializing.

2)   Caring about time’s ‘needs’ means you note how long things take. If you know it really takes you an hour to get ready in the morning and you have to be somewhere at 9am, you know you have to get up at 7am; and, you do.

3)   Learning about time means that you watch how you spend it and make sure that  you are using it wisely, considerately and for the most crucial things. You notice if you spend time avoiding things that seem scary or too hard and you learn to schedule those things early in the day in order to get them out of your way and done.

4)   Being respectful of time (and other people’s time) means you don’t double book it. You write down commitments in your calendar as soon as you make them. Not just your appointments, but also work you promised someone you would accomplish. You don’t give time the cold shoulder and pretend like it doesn’t exist, i.e. when it’s really TIME FOR BED! That would be like cheating on time. And you wouldn’t do that to someone you care for, so don’t do it with your relationship here either.

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Now, sometimes you may get really fed up with time and force a trial separation.

Huh? I’m talking about taking a break from time by coming down with a cold or the flu. Often, when I coach couples, I see this tactic of avoidance used. Even though it may be much easier to lie down and pull the covers over your head than deal with the issue at hand, don’t. Face your dysfunctional relationship with time head on and deal with it. No more time-outs from time.

Given your relationship to time is one of the most important relationships in your life, isn’t it time to make this relationship a priority?

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