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Master the Transition Out of Sport

Why You Need to Change the Stories You Are Telling Yourself to Master the Transition Out of Sport

Rachel Boardman chats with former sportsman and business owner turned President of the Sports Division of the Handel Group, Tyreek Moore about his life after sports journey and how he’s helping athletes improve on and off the field.

Tyreek discusses the journey he’s been on to find his purpose and the amazing work he is doing with athletes and mental health.

“It was never what you did that determined who you are. It was always who you are that allowed you to do what you did.”

We chat about:

  • How sport was his positive outlet as a kid
  • Why he chose to turn down a college sports scholarship for an academic one
  • His journey from employee to business owner, professor, and then to President of the Sports Division
  • The common pitfalls athletes face and how to overcome them
  • Top tips of conquering the transition out of sport
  • Mental health during the transition out fo sport