Sports Division Life Coach Tyreek Hill joins the podcast

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Mastering the Mental Game

Tyreek joined the Handel team to lead the Sports Division. He has over 20 years of management and business experience in both public and private sectors. He supports sports industry professionals in maximizing potential by raising their personal integrity. Tyreek believes when everyone is holding themselves accountable, and an entire organization is in alignment, the results are profound and extraordinary.

As a coach with Handel Group Tyreek helps his clients acknowledge and leash the traits that are preventing them from attaining their goals. His experience and proficiency in business process engineering and project management make him a valuable resource to management team members looking to increase organizational efficiency while at the same time raising the integrity with which they operate.

Tyreek has been an entrepreneur and a trailblazer since 2006. His firms have provided resources to private, nonprofit and educational institutions. He has always been driven by a deep desire to help people live inspired and fulfilled lives.

Tyreek earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Boston University and his Master of Education degree from Harvard University. As a professor at Monroe College, he has taught courses in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Principles of Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing and Implementation and Sports Management.

He believes happiness trumps all things in life. A positive perspective and dedication to embracing the journey more than the destination is paramount to achieving fulfillment.

In the episode we spoke about:

  • Do you think [racism] exists in sports?
  • “Unconscious bias: million upon million per second we take on data points, but only 40 data points per second consciously”
  • Authoring: (Happy, Proud, Effective)
  • Dream = Designed Result – Beliefs, Theories and Traits
  • Where does integrity fit into all that we have spoken about?

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