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Meet Chicky!

There’s no way I would have gotten through these past few months without this tremendous community helping me get a Handel on my life, my dreams, and my chicken. Yes, my chicken, my inner critic. I call her Chicky. She’s been keeping me small and protecting me from failure my ENTIRE life.  As soon as I made a commitment to myself to really start owning my shit, getting crazy in my heart with my promises towards my dreams, and loving myself through it all, I was able to muster the courage to shush the cluck-cluck-cluck of all the reasons I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t: do, be, live the life I authored for myself.  

I’ve been so inspired by The Handel Method and the Community Coaching Calls, I made a little 3 minute film about what I’ve been up against. I really hope you will watch it and be inspired to shush YOUR Chicky, because on the other side of fear is profound transformation and you are so, so close.  I’m rooting for you — you should root for you too!

Watch Maria’s video on how her inner chicken shows up in her life…and how she learned to leash it!