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For such a dark and moody lot, we’re sure not wise to how often we go dark, not to mention how little a clue we have as to where our (inner) light switch is. 

You might have heard the stats: According to science, the average human has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thoughts, guess how many are inspiring, dreamy, and original?

Uh, not many…can you imagine NOW? We’d be willing to bet that stat has spiked.

Turns out, a whopping 80% of our thoughts are NOT ONLY negative, but 95% of them are also the exact same thoughts as the day before. Let me repeat that…oh, right…no need. 

No wonder so many of us have such a hard time imagining our highest ideals/dreams for ourselves, let alone manifesting them! We are much too preoccupied with manif*cking them!

If you don’t already know what manifesting is, or don’t know what I mean by manif*cking (primarily, because I made it up during a FB Live a while back), here’s the difference between the two:


Manifest [man-uh-fest] 


The act of causing something or bringing a specific result to fruition by thinking, feeling, and acting in accordance with a vision for what we want, no matter what our desire is, no matter what’s going on in the world – from a vaccine, to a new job, to an unexpected check in the mail, to a certain president getting booted, to a new love perspective, to your favorite {fill in the blank} teaching live online classes, FREE, etc.




Manif*ck [man-uh-f*ck]  


The act of thinking about the future (and/or watching enough news) and envisioning being screwed or worse. To project, so much so, that you get yourself into a mood and unconsciously prove your projections, thoughts, theories, beliefs, and mood to be true. Enough to even have you think you’re having a premonition vs. a manif*ckation. 


According to us, if you’re a human, whether you’re a New Agey one or not, whether you rolled your eyes at the secret to The Secret’s secret or not, there’s no getting out of your imagination or your inner dialogue. 


The connection between our thoughts and our mood is a straight line.

A straight line to where, you wonder? 

Answer: to the dark side of town.

I mean come on, ever notice how often, when we’re in a meh mood, we binge eat salad? Or, how frequently do we feed steamed kale to our anxiety about the pandemic?  

Um, never. 

What if, unconsciously, our mind (a.k.a. our inner-dialogue, thoughts, theories, and beliefs) knows that the more it manif*cks with us and our dreams, the more likely it is going to get rewarded. Rewarded? Yep. Think about it: if you’re thinking shitty thoughts and in a mood, isn’t your head already plotting its hall pass – whether it’s an extra drink, a smoke, a second helping, a dessert, avoiding the dating sites, or an online workout, or all of the above, etc.?

Yes, our mind has a mind of its own. But what if our mood was simply an indicator of what’s going on in our minds and a byproduct of our thoughts, period? It is.

Uh-oh is right, and our plight. Even before the pandemic.


Manifesting is an inside job.

Twenty plus years of coaching humans later, there’s nothing I know to be more useful than trailing our own inner dialogue. If we’re not tracking our own thoughts, how would we know what we’re projecting and unconsciously manif*cking and potentially proving or causing? 

We couldn’t. We wouldn’t.  And, subsequently, we don’t. 

Mastery over your mind comes from the learned ability to choose what is best for you to think AND feel. To get your own hands back on your life’s remote control and press mute when your mind messes with what matters most to you.

Namely, your dreams.

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In areas where you’re thriving, I promise you, your inner dialogue, thoughts, theories, beliefs, and mood are great and you act accordingly. If you’re excited to see your partner, you elbow bump with them (smile yet?). If you feel great in your body, you feed it well, you get on your treadmill, you sign up for an online dance party, etc. But in areas where you’re not proud, happy, or inspired, you’re being a bit of a manifarquaad. 

[What?!! It’s a Shrek reference, sorta!]  

You’re thinking: so and so is never going to call you back, or you’ll never find your partner on any of these godforsaken dating sites, or that tickle in your throat is most certainly COVID-19, or your teen will never turn out, or your mother will never [fill in the blank]…and guess what happens? Your actions dance with your thoughts, put you in a mood, and your worst thoughts get proven accurate. 

This is why I have my clients keep a thought log. I have them write down their thoughts 3x a day. Not to see IF they have a dark side, because OF COURSE they do; I have them write their thoughts down in order to see just how much their inner dialogue is running amok and the results it’s actually causing. Because until we confront what our minds are actually doing for a living, we are in the Matrix [look it up youngins!] and we haven’t taken the pill. 

Hacking into our inner dialogue is the pill. 

Once you incriminate your head and fully see the C- it’s trying to get you in any area of your life where you’re fearful, you can deal with it head on. You can put in the right promises to quiet it and even redirect it, so that ALL of you — your mind, body, and heart — are fighting for the same end goal: your ACTUAL dreams unf*cked, manifested, AND realized. 

Yes, even from home.

So, given that you = human, and according to science, 80% plus of your thoughts are negative and repetitive. Repeat after me: Check your mood. It’s a litmus test for your thoughts. Stop, drop, and roll when you catch yourself manif*cked up.