Laurie Gerber on Wellness Lately Podcast | Handel Group

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Navigating Relationships and Dating During Stressful, Uncertain Times

On this podcast, we discuss:

  • The Handel Group approach to coaching and what makes it unique and effective.
  • The impact of COVID on relationships, and trends Laurie is seeing this year.
  • What people lie about and various forms of lying that we don’t necessarily think about.
  • How lies to ourselves and others can stop us from having our dreams.
  • Where to start with uncovering our own lies and telling the truth.
  • Dating during COVID and in general, and why getting clear on exactly what we want in a relationship is vital.
  • Practical ways to navigate change and stress without letting it affect your relationship in a negative way.
  • Tips for effective communication with your partner and how to manage expectations.
  • Options to work with Laurie and the Handel Group and how to get started.