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No Bullsh*it, No Excuses: Alter Your Life

Do you continually cut corners when it comes to self-care? Remember that commitment you made to yourself to exercise or meditate regularly? Are you doing it? Are you “kind of” doing it? Or have your excuses stopped you from starting?

Tired of your own bullsh*t?

Beth Weissenberger is the master of seeing through bullsh*it, and helping people get to the other side. She is straight as an arrow. The co-founder of The Handel Group, a renowned executive life coaching company that works with people on personal and professional levels, Beth guides a team of coaches who help shift individuals from self-destructive cycles to places of personal integrity and accountability.

“You do not need me for your strengths, where I go is to the dark side. To the side where you get in your own way. Your cavities and pollution, so we go to solve your cavities and pollution very quickly, this is not hard.”

Beth cuts straight to the chase, offering her clients a chance to take the courageous step of looking at what’s not working in their lives, and then utilize that courage to take bold action.

According to Beth, 80% of the unconscious self-dialogue going on in your head is negative. She’s got nicknames, caricatures even, of the types of self-dialogues that make up that 80%. Get to know the caricatures who make up your negative self-dialogue and you might start to understand why the excuses and procrastination are running the show.


“Chicken Voice”

Chicken voice is the avoidant, fear-based part of you that will make every excuse under the sun to avoid conflict or those hard conversations that need to happen.

Next up…..

“The Brat”

The brat is the defiant, adolescent-like voice that simply won’t….because it said so.

And last but not least…..

“The Weather Reporter”

The weather reporter is the subtlest of the three negative voices. This is the voice of excuses and reasons why not to do the things that will serve you best.

“They’re not on your team, never will be on your team and they’re out to make your life suck.” 

Now, ask yourself, where are you a chicken, a brat and a weather reporter in your life?

Two Easy Steps to Regain Personal Integrity & Accountability

  1. You need a specific measurable promise. Decide what you want to change (eg. I will meditate 5 days/week every morning.) and make a promise, a commitment to doing it.
  2. Now choose a consequence for not doing it, someone to hold you to account. Now pick a real consequence, something you don’t want to mess with. Something that is non-negotiable in your life. (For Beth, her consequence to not meditating was no morning coffee…she’s been meditating every morning since March!)

 “If you pick the right one to two promises in your life and you keep them and play in this, you’ll alter your entire life on a dime in a matter of six weeks.”