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Owning Our Lies and Shadow Self with Jill Alban

Jill Alban, Personal Development Coach and VP of Business Development for Handel Group, discusses:

  • The journey that brought her into a career and life filled with passion.
  • Facing her shadows and owning the persona she thought she needed to be.
  • How to work through inner critics/voices.
  • Finding and coming to terms with your truth.
  • Uncovering your north star.
  • The types of lies we tell ourselves and how to own them.

Jill Alban has worked as Marketing Director for Handel Group since 2017, leading the team to implement marketing initiatives and partnerships for the company.

Simultaneously, Jill became certified in The Handel Method and began coaching in 2018. As a hard working full-time perfectionist, Jill’s biggest “ah-ha” in coaching came with the realization that only by telling the truth and opening up about her own shortcomings and mistakes could she find lasting, meaningful freedom, and self-confidence.

Jill started her career in public relations first in the NFL and then at American University in Washington, D.C. She moved to Missoula, Montana in 2004 where she deepened her skills in marketing and communications through two long-held positions over the course of a decade: firstly for a regional environmental nonprofit and second for a private foundation dedicated to mindfulness.

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