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Pick Your Own Pep Talk

 Here’s a blog you may want to bookmark and come back to from time to time. I’ve been coaching for more than 15 years and I have given a lot of pep talks in my day, to myself and others. I also give them frequently during Wake Up Your Week. I’d say it’s a main part of my job. We all have a lot of wisdom; we get it from our parents, books, quotes, The Daily Love, other blogs and Facebook. But sometimes we still need in-the-moment pep talks to REMIND us to focus in a particular way. I thought it might be nice to have a bunch in one place for future use. It will still be up to you to decide which one you need in a particular situation. Pick your own pep talk. (Hey, that’s catchy.) At Handel, we teach that your thoughts influence your feelings and your feelings influence your actions. A pattern of action changes your thoughts, which then changes your feelings and your actions. This cycle can be positive or negative. When making change, you can intervene in any part of the cycle, and in coaching, we intervene in all three at once. So here you will have pep talks broken down by each station in the cycle. HEART (Station: Feelings) You need to shift your space, your mood or your vibe, so do something physical or spiritual. Here are some of my favorite choices: • Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs. • Find the song that is perfect for right now and dance around the room to it. • Light a candle and say a prayer. • Go talk to yourself in the mirror; ask what the real issue is and tell yourself what you need to hear, take great care of yourself and say what you forgive yourself for. • Go for a run, right away. • Write a letter to The Uni-verse or your higher self and ask for help. MIND (Station: Thoughts) Your mind is not working optimally to help you solve your problems; it needs a jolt. Try these exercises: • Imagine first that if you solved your problem you’d get a million dollars. Any new ideas? • If not, next you need to imagine there is a gun to your head. Human beings could improve or solve problems on a dime if the consequences were dire enough, but we function at half mast mentally and creatively because more is not demanded of us. So, it is your job to shift mentally by creating an imagined consequence or better yet, a real one. • You are probably upset because you are avoiding something or someone. Make a deadline by when you will deal with it or them, or else you lose your coffee, TV, internet or wine. Suddenly, with something like this at stake, you might become much more clear and effective. BODY (Station: Actions) You wanna get out of your funk? It’s time to do something. Most likely you are avoiding something. Here are some ideas: • Do a quick brainstorm on paper of what you might be avoiding and then start at the top, taking one action regarding each thing. • If you are upset about a relationship, write out everything you want to say, go back in and edit (so you aren’t reaming the person) and add in what you can own up to, and then call the person and ask for a time to speak seriously about something important. • If you’ve been lying or hiding about something, that can really cause a bad mood. It’s time to speak up. Just call the person in question and ask them for a time to discuss something important (or if it’s nobody in particular, write a blog confession or tell a friend, or for extra impact, tell your parents). • If you haven’t been asking for something you want, same as above, rinse, repeat. • If you are just being a lazy brat, make a promise publicly. For example, if you wake up every morning avoiding your taxes or preparing for a class you teach, promise your social circle that you will handle the thing by a certain time that day or you have to personally serenade each person on the list, or bake them a pie, something funny but annoying, to keep you on the hook and to keep them paying attention. Use your social nature to your advantage. I pulled all these pep talks from my Wake Up Your Week group (Mondays at noon ET). It’s a very affordable coaching group you can join any time. I found Mondays were when I most needed a pep talk and I wasn’t alone. If you are a Daily Lover, you are already wise, but whether or not you can shift your heart, mind and body on a dime is another story. An experienced guide and very active community of teammates who interact through the week can make all the difference. Love, Laurie P.S.- Join us for Wake Up Your Week, my Monday noon coaching group. We’ll handle your Monday morning pep talk and so much more. In September, our focus is on career. Please note: this is the best-priced and most fun kick in the butt we offer!