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Productivityist Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Productivityist Podcast, Lauren Zander joined host Mike Vardy to discuss the concept “Maybe It’s You”. Discover some of the key moments below:

  • Getting on our own way: An anecdote on taking on too much (02:19)
  • Overcoming the new human experience filled with what’s wrong and fear (03:58)
  • The relativity of success (06:02)
  • Working on spiritual, emotional, and physical integrity (10:33)
  • Beginning at the end and small things that bring macro results  (17:10)
  • I am doing the right thing: Stop asking and start doing and being (20:35)
  • Setting up consequences to keep promises and be productive (25:16)
  • Making your dark side work for the good guys (28:52)
  • Keeping your promises as a way of challenging fear (32:49)