Do I have control of my life? | Handel Group


7:00-8:30PM ET
Monday, November 16th
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach
We’ve got good news and bad news for you: The only thing in common with everything that isn’t working in your life is YOU.How is that even remotely good news?If it’s the pandemic’s fault, the economy’s fault, your kids’ fault, your colleagues’ fault, your metabolism’s fault, or anything else’s fault but your own, then you’re stuck when you’re stuck, and there’s nothing you can do about any of it. BUT, if you are the common denominator in all that isn’t working, you can do something about it. You’re the key principal. You’re the CEO of your life. And most of us don’t own that reality. Especially in times like these!There really are areas in your life where you were the author. Where you had the pen in your hands. Where you were unstoppable, said I got this, and did. Whether you pointed to that job, that degree, that house, and no matter what other people said, you did whatever it took to make that dream of yours a reality.

In this workshop, we’re coming after an area in your life where you don’t feel as effective, where you’re not proud, inspired, or unstoppable. We will introduce you to what’s currently informing your actions and the results you are getting: your inner-advisory board… the voices in your head. Specifically, the voice that reports about your life like you’re powerless and have no control. For example, just like it rains in Seattle, you know, you’re a procrastinator, not a morning person, not good at working from home, or are bad with numbers, etc. Most of us are so busy, or so checked out, that we aren’t even aware of how our inner dialogue is making decisions for us. We go through life listening to it without knowing the source of it, or the motives behind it. Until now…