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Seemingly stuck? Here’s how to get powerfully out of your own way.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a funk you swear you wanna get out of but seemingly can’t?  Whether it was something your boss, your spouse, the scale, or your mother said to you that threw you off––now you can’t stop replaying it.

I know, not you. Never…

Okay, have a seat––as this may be a little hard to hear. The reason you’re in that funk? It’s not your boss, your mother, your metabolism or your spouse. Maybe the problem is you.  And maybe the “maybe” is just me being nice!

So, how do you break up with the narrative on repeat in your mind and get unstuck? With a tool I call a purge.

Here’s how I explain it in my new book, Maybe It’s You:

“A purge is when you write down everything that is upsetting and frustrating you in a stream of consciousness. And I mean everything. From what pisses you off about a coworker, online dating sites, your commute, your career, your tween, the economy, to the gluten-free frenzy.

A purge is about letting out every last part of the narrative you have in your head. In all its detailed detritus. Because until you get that very last thing that is running rampant in your head out of your head and onto paper (or your iWhatever) the entire saga feels real.

Worse, all those contradictions in our mind are what shapes and informs our reality.

…What gets unearthed in a purge is the very thing you need to step back, see, figure out, and change. It’s the very thing that’s stopping you, haunting you, and keeping you stuck.  But, until you unearth is, you can’t change it.”

So you see, there’s no “but, but, but” about any of it (even the part about your mother). It is you. And, it’s good news. If you are the common denominator in all that isn’t working in your life, you can actually do something about it.  


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