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Sexy Thoughts

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I had a 30-second fantasy about having an affair today. The trigger? I was jogging in the rain and so was some dude with his kid who ran past me coming from the other direction. We were intrepid. He mumbled something encouraging and ran on. I swear it was only 30 seconds, then I just chuckled.

Luckily, since I am ultra-happily-married, the next stop on my thought train was wondering whether or not this would make a good blog. Fantasy (gladly) aborted. Our imaginations are powerful tools. If you imagine having an affair enough, I’d bet good money you’ll have one. Because your imagination doesn’t just work on thoughts, it works on feelings too. And once those two work together…manifestations start unfolding. (tweet worthy!)

This is a form of spiritual power that you have. When you think and feel something into existence, you are acting in the image of g-d. Did you know you have these amazing spiritual powers? Are you using them for “good” or for “evil?”

Some thoughts and imaginings are good for goals. Some are not. And honest to g-d we think we ARE our thoughts or have no control over them. But thank goodness we do. Just try this experiment right now:

Sit and watch your thoughts for 1 minute, write down what you were thinking.

Then, for one minute, decide what to think and think about that.

Harder right? But possible.

Didn’t you feel triumphant when you could control your focus? I know it sounds so simple, but I personally never knew I could control my thoughts and that doing so “brought me closer to g-d.” Essentially, I am suggesting a modern form of prayer and blessing throughout your day – but it is more than gratitude – it includes bringing forth any feelings or imaginings that you wish were true and blocking those that do not serve your goals.

Spiritual practice = Notice what you want to notice and actively manifest more of what you WANT to experience.

Now that I know I can, I try to do this as much as I can. I will think good thoughts about the people I pass in the street. When I start my day, I make a list of what I want to experience, using feeling words not just actions. I imagine my family as I wish it to be while riding on the subway. I imagine my clients inviting me to their weddings/award ceremonies. I picture my husband coming to me at the end of the day, so proud of his work. I give gratitude when I wake up and when I go to sleep for all the things I have and know I will have.

This is part of my spirituality. My way of recognizing and celebrating the divine in me – that I am not just a mind and a body. I am something much greater and more infinite than that and I have power which I want to use as responsibly as I can. You too?