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So Much More Podcast

In this episode of the So Much More Show, host Carol Elizabeth interviews Lauren Zander, co-founder and chairwoman of Handel Group. Throughout the episode, you will discover some effective ways of dealing with your inner conflicts – and how to be the BEST version of yourself.

This show starts off with Lauren sharing her background. Like most of us, Lauren also struggled to discover her passion in life.

Lauren also provides a “peek” into her Handel Method – and reveals how you can hold yourself accountable to your dreams. Specifically, she touches on how you can initiate effective inner dialogue to drive transformational change, and turns out, a dash of humor can help you immensely!

Further, Lauren shares some bittersweet memories of her childhood, and reveals how, influenced by her mother, she also grew up to be emotionally distant. But, she has developed steps in order to heal her relationship with her mother and this section of the show is useful to those who have been dealing with unresolved issues with their parents.

Finally, towards the end, Lauren and Carol discuss parenting. Lauren shares her radical approach to parenting – and points out the downsides of being too controlling as a parent! Now that is something you need to hear! Listen Now!