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Speak Up for the Holidays

A very sad thing happened in my daughter’s life recently. We found out a camp counselor with whom she was very close had committed suicide. It’s really got me thinking about what’s wrong with the world, how much I want to fix it and how much I need your help. It starts with an individual person learning to talk about what they don’t think they can face. That changes the culture of a family and that changes the world.
Just like you, I’m headed towards the holidays and yes, I am thinking about my family and some changes I want to see: some openness I want to foster, some dealing that needs to happen. To protect their privacy I am not going to talk details here, but I am going to say TO YOU that family gatherings are a chance to break the trance. Here is your opportunity to be the voice of change in your family.
Here’s the deal; people aren’t having real conversations, especially in families. People are hiding things they are ashamed of. You will have family members at your table this holiday season who are lying about or hiding their sexual orientations, their infidelities, their drug, alcohol and food abuse, their job struggles and their deep dark, even suicidal thoughts. And nobody’s talking, because nobody’s talking! What if you are the one who is supposed to change the trend?
Recently I spoke about addictions in my family, to my family for the first time; it caused quite a stir. But by the end of our time together, folks were thanking me for the realest time they’d had. I know I planted seeds. I know there is more hope for my young cousins being able to deal with the problems they will encounter in life if they come from a family brave enough to look at what’s under the carpet making lumps.
This holiday season I dare you to have one conversation that nobody expects. I dare you to open a can of worms, sweep out what’s under the carpet and go for 100% real. Of course, do this with love and compassion, not judgment. This is the real work of growing up that most of us avoid our entire lives. Your courage will continue to inspire mine and vice versa, so share your adventures on my blog.
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