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Talking Heads

Ever notice how we are constantly talking to ourselves in our heads? We not only profess to know what others are thinking, but also what their responses will be—and even what they really meant by what they said. Especially in the good ol’ month of February as Cupid sharpens his arrows and our Tinder swiping finger cramps up.

Apparently, we are all mind readers, without much proven psychic ability.

Whether we realize it or not, our thoughts profoundly impact us. We spend our entire lives having thoughts, and because no one can hear them or sense them, we think they are fairly inconsequential unless we act upon them.

But it’s not true.  Our thoughts are critically important. They form the blueprints of our lives. And when it comes to fully understanding the voices in our head or knowing what’s really happening in our heads, we actually plead ignorant. Like, “Huh, me? I’m talking to myself? Really?”

So what’s one way we  can we slow down enough to 1) hear the voices in our heads for what they are (chicken scratch) and, once we hear them, 2) begin to turn them in a new direction?  

According to my dear friend Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation, the answer is (you guessed it) meditation. As she explains it, “Research has shown that meditation increases focus, energy, and productivity.” 

Sure, there’s a level to which we’ll admit that we know we’re in our heads a bunch, but are we really that attuned to the smack we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror? When we’re on the dating sites (or actively avoiding them)? When we are lying next to our mate? When we’re driving to work? When we’re attempting to brush our already reluctant kid’s hair and she’s got a huge (and I mean HUGE) knot in the back of her head?

No way.

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There’s this illusion (delusion?) that nothing important is really going on in that dark nightclub where all our thoughts, theories, and inner dialogues dance. But, the truth is, we’ve all done such a lousy job as a bouncer in that club, it’s kind of amazing.

When I start to work with a client about their thoughts, most don’t even know what I’m talking about. They’ve never named it, never caught it, never really understood how much that inner dialogue is running their life. But how could it not matter? We are listening to it all the time. It’s like a radio or television that is always on that we’ve gotten so used to, we can barely hear it anymore. No one has ever called a time-out on our mind, blown a whistle on it, and seen its cycle for what it is.

There is a whole level of consciousness that we are not tapped into. Imagine if you could free your mind from old patterns and actually reprogram it to work?

You can. And I have an amazing way for you to get started reprogramming right now. Emily is a renowned meditation expert and I’ve actually asked her to come and teach my whole team in a few weeks! We can’t wait to get started. And I’m excited to be able to introduce you to her work… at no cost to you!

Emily is offering a free online masterclass, The Stress Solution is  all about the neuroscience of meditation for better performance (did you know meditators perform 40% better than non-meditators?) And, most importantly, she’ll teach you how to get started!

When you upgrade your hardware with a meditation practice AND stay up-to-date on your software by cultivating thoughts to forward your dreams … then there is no stopping you.

Mastery over your mind comes from the learned ability to release what isn’t serving you.

To not bullshit yourself, but to align your mind with your desires. To get your own hands back on your life’s remote control and get rid of stress that messes with what matters most to you.

Heading in is your way out…

So go ahead, get in there. Try Emily’s free online masterclass and take the first step toward getting your mind under new management. It’s only available until Feb. 23, so don’t wait!


P.S. Speaking of Emily Fletcher … she really takes the woo-woo out of meditation and translates it into a language we can all understand. Join us THIS FRIDAY February 16 at 4 ET for a Facebook Live where we’ll talk about how to get started with meditation as a way to supercharge your life and reach your dreams … fast.  

Excerpt from Chapter Four of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your life by Lauren Handel Zander.