Managing Difficult Conversations at Work with General Assembly NYC | Handel Group


7-8PM ET
Wednesday, January 27th
Led by Laurie Gerber
Head Coach


This session is part of GA’s Career Camp, a weeklong festival of free workshops, panel discussions, and interactive events for professional growth. Check out the full schedule here – see ya on the trail!Are you completely honest with the people in your life? Do you put off having potentially difficult conversations, or avoid them altogether? Is your best resolution to stay quiet, hope for the best, or try and get over it?Tough conversations take courage, grace, and wisdom. In this webinar, HG’s Coach will teach you how to identify the conversations you need to have in your life, whether at work or at home, and more importantly, show you how to craft those much-needed talks so that you’ll both listen well and feel heard. Expect to finish this talk feeling like you can handle anything.Because you can.

Takeaways: Understand the underlying human predicament associated with having successful and easier conversations. Learn the art of having honest conversations. No smock required. Learn how to script, structure, present, and deliver hard conversations with grace and wisdom