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The Power of a Practical Promise

I don’t feel guilty about much. Firstly, it’s because my life works really well. Slowly but surely, I have designed all the areas of my life to match my ideals and standards; I take care to plan my days and weeks as well. Secondly, I know that “feeling bad” is a diversion; it usually means I am avoiding making a change, so I am constantly on the lookout for it.
So, it was rattling a few weeks ago when I started feeling guilty. I felt pulled in many different directions: Will, my dear husband, was feeling neglected, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough family time with the kids and I felt more and more addicted to my computer as business and media opportunities heated up. This rare feeling of not liking myself very much started to come over me. Eek- I was feeling bad!
Thank goodness, Will (also a coach) recommended I take on a practical promise: no computer use from 6 to 8 pm. I already had the rule of kid time between 6 and 7:30, but that didn’t stop me from sneaking in a few emails! I was always rushing out of our family time as soon as 7:30 hit, feeling entitled– yet guilty.
It was no longer working, and I was out of synch with my highest ideals. Balancing our kids (getting older, summertime and no more urgently early bedtimes), our relationship (remember Will feeling neglected?) and my life (which is getting bigger and more exciting) did not mean MORE EMAILING!
This simple, new, practical promise changed many dynamics. How can a small promise be so powerful? Besides just making our evenings work better, it changed the vibe. I now feel more available. My brat brain is not trying to “get away” from being present with my family, but instead is focused on thoroughly enjoying it. I realized that when I rushed through my family time, I was actually making things less fun and therefore reinforcing my desire to get away, but now that my energy is good and there is no rush, the whole mood of our time together is way more delightful for everybody.
Best of all, I am back to feeling good about me, and that affects all areas of life, as you know. My “Campaign for Caring” is still on, but I am adding another challenge in order to help YOU get into feeling good, too!
1) Pick an area where there is some struggle or strife.
2) Find one practical promise you can adhere to for a week (do it each day).
3) If you can’t think of the promise that would make the difference, ask your coach or your friend.
4) Respond to this blog with your results. I’ll be reading and responding too.
Thanks for playing with me!
Love, Laurie
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