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The Secret-Free Diet

How are you?

When’s the last time you answered that in ALL honesty?

To tell the truth…

It’s true. We lie. We fluff. We omit. We under and over-exaggerate. And, no one wants to be a liar, marry one, give birth to one, vote for one, it’s why we hide the fact that we — deep breath moment — all lie. Yes, all.

Ugh, we know.

Last week, I joined Dr. Mark Hyman for an Instagram Li(e)ve where we discussed one of my favorite diets: The Secret-Free Diet.

The only thing you have to eliminate: Lying!

Listen in to hear about the 7 different types of lying and see what brand is your go-to ‘favorite.’

THEN, I challenge you to visit our Instagram Page and answer our last post HONESTLY.

Are you in?


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