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What Are You Manifesting?

The answer is, whatever you are focusing on with feelings. It’s too damn bad we do not have better control over our inner dialogue because it is ruling the roost and manifesting “our destiny.” We channel our feelings into the “third eye” and, like the headlamp of a Burning Man biker at midnight, it blazes out into the dark, landing somewhere, soaking up water, putting down roots and growing into reality.
Take an inventory of your day. What are you beaming out? What have you consented to focus on? What have you been feeling? And based on what thoughts and beliefs have you based those feelings? Most of us live day in and day out subject to a never ending cycle of thoughts, feelings and actions. The Handel Method® teaches you to interrupt anywhere in the cycle.
Interrupting Negative Thoughts
Thoughts are often erroneous. Ask the person you think doesn’t care, or the person you are mad at about what he did and why. You will find you had no idea. This goes for recent slights and lifelong wounds onto which you’ve been hanging. This is the work we do with clients every day. You will also be fascinated when you study your own thought patterns, through exercises like thought-logging, and find that you only have about 12 different thoughts over and over, and they are shockingly similar to the thoughts your parents repeat throughout their days. Interview them or people who know/knew them and you’ll see I am right. I’ve studied this.
Interrupting Negative Feelings
Feelings are potent. I believe they are important tools or signposts. You can be a student of your feelings without being romanced by them. Given feelings are often based on erroneous thoughts, they should not always be trusted. Given that negative feelings are often based on right actions being skipped (conversations you should be having that you are avoiding or promises to yourself or others you are ignoring), the interruption of a negative cycle can almost always be a simple right action. Try telling a truth you’ve been holding in, going to exercise, sticking to your food plan or causing a romantic evening with the one you love, and notice how the right action caused lovely feelings and a stream of lovely thoughts. Suddenly, in this “state,” you can manifest more of what you want from yourself.
Intervene with Action
Too often we wait to “feel like” doing the right thing or expect our minds to convince us through our thoughts why we should do something. That’s not always effective or fast enough. Actions are the best place to intervene in a negative cycle. The best way to become a master manifester is to become someone who acts in accordance with her dreams. You can imagine deserving your heart’s desire when you prove to yourself you can be trusted with it. You must dare to say what you are dreaming of, what it will take to get there and then start to make moves toward it. I know it seems simple, but you’ve been avoiding it and you need yet another sign. Here it is!
There’s still a lot of dust in your tractor beam. What’s in the way of you being a master manifester of your dreams is threefold:
1) Your lack of integrity/action (also known as believing)
2) Your haunted past that makes you think you can’t, you don’t “deserve it” or you are tainted, etc.
3) Your lack of practice focusing your attention/emotions/imagination
Come learn the practical steps to clearing the path and manifesting very practical visions into reality. It’s time to take an action and join the conversation tonight (or sign up now and listen later). I lead our special teleseminar: The Basics of Manifesting and Why It Doesn’t Work but Could tomorrow from 9-10:15pm ET.