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What I Really Do for A Living, A Poem

Let me be the parent you wish you had.
Let me tell you what is indelibly magic about you and not let you forget.
Let me find you beautiful and fascinating.
Let me see all of you and still find you whole, pure, capable and full of power.
Let me show you my darkness and let you feel you love me even more now.
Let me show you where I’ve fallen and not gotten up and finally gotten up and put right.
Let me inspire you to do better, be better, give more.
Let me question you about your true ideals.
Let me teach you how to follow yourself.
Let me fight with you for your dreams.
Let me teach you how to make yourself happy.
Let me put you in time out when you are being a brat.
Let me egg you on when you are being a chicken.
Let me help you see endless alternatives.
Let’s review history and extract all the right lessons from everything that hurt you.
And let me introduce you to your parents, people, like you and me.
Let me help you make them into the parents you wished they were.
And let me help you find your own ability to feel, teach, guide and heal your family.
Rest on me, I’m strong because I am resting on others, stronger than I am, like your parents probably didn’t.
Let me teach you forgiveness and true peace.
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