W(h)ine Down with Marnie Nir | Handel Group

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5:00-6:00 PM ET
Led by Marnie Nir
SVP & Chief Content Officer | Expert Coach

W(h)ine Down with Marnie: 

Let Expert Coach Marnie help free up your game (not your gamey!), giggle, and W(h)ine Down your week every Friday night at 5PM ET.

Consider this your Get Happy Hour!

Bring your glass of wine as we lighten up about our dark, laugh, and toast to getting over ourselves. From online dating to not hating your spouse or spawn, to getting yourself unstuck and laugh-out-loud proud, ), bring it on and with.

  • Every Friday evening at 5PM ET.
  • RSVP required 
  • Will be live-streamed on Instagram @handelgroup
  • Recordings available on @handelgroup IGTV