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Why Belief Matters – A Money Story

Shannon’s testimonial last week inspired many of you and as a result I picked up some more testimonials. This one is about money and according to a recent survey we did, it’s also the most salient topic on many of your minds! Here it is:
Dear Laurie,
I wanted to share with you my latest breakthrough about believing!
With the help of my coach, I recently instituted an aggressive debt reduction plan with the goal of being debt free by the end of 2010 (not including secured debts and student loans). As of January, my husband and I had about $40k to pay down. Included in that $40k were the local taxes we owed. The city came knocking in May, for us to pay up because we owed from back in 2008 and they seemed tired of waiting. They wanted 2008, 2009 and for us to pay up to date on 2010, PLUS penalties and interest of like 20%. OUCH.
We got our attorney involved quickly and within a couple of months struck a deal to pay it all by August 31; it was $8200 within one month- hitting our cash flow HARD. That deal, and how quickly we handled the whole thing head on, saved us about $4500 in penalties and interest. So there was our first “found” money. That’s not even the exciting part yet.
Through the past 9 months, I absolutely REFUSED to believe that we have any type of lack in our ability to afford our existing financial commitments. Being a Handel client, I knew I needed to make a promise in order to get the results I wanted. I promised to make sure we paid down as much debt as possible each month, with an overall goal totaling $14,000 by the end of 2010. My promise didn’t even match our ultimate goal, but it got us in action and got me to pay close attention.
I became a bloodhound for finding money. I ran the numbers, reviewed the budgets over and over and kept coming up with- “We make PLENTY of money.” Which led to- “We can do this.” meaning- we can succeed at our plan, but it will take constant vigilance. Especially because I could see how quickly and easily our spending, if not watched, just gets sloppy. Not like we’re terribly irresponsible with money- just sloppy and not watching. This way of life doesn’t make me proud. It feels wasteful and like I’m spitting in the face of the universe’s graciousness.
I dialed up my belief that we have plenty and started to notice things around the house that were unused. Even half empty shampoo bottles, I made sure we used everything up before buying more; this became my MO.
Having to pay that chunk of tax money, though it felt good to be done with it, made our late August and first part of September very tight. We were saying stuff like- “do you have enough in the account so we can get some eggs at the store?” We knew we would recover just fine and soon, but had to wait. Then here’s what happened:
Early last week, it occurred to me to dig up all the old jewelry we had been talking about selling for the past few years. I started collecting little bits here and there. And then I literally struck gold. I came across a collectible coin that was given to me by my first husband’s grandmother. It was one ounce of gold, a Vienna Philharmonic gold coin. I looked it up, called around and got some quotes. Turns out, gold is pretty darn valuable at $1200+ per ounce. I had no idea.
We took that coin along with all our old jewelry, an ugly old Rolex (so 80’s) of my husband’s and sold it all at a local collectibles shop. We walked out with a check for $1900+, giving us some MUCH needed breathing room for this month!
And THAT, I learned, is why belief matters. It was a gift- all of it, manifested most dramatically in the coin, which I found because I believed.
My lessons are:
1. If I insist in my beliefs, then they will manifest. My beliefs create my life.
2. It is true there is no lack; it’s just a matter of what I want to achieve and turn my attention to, as far as wealth (or whatever else).
3. I am surrounded by resources.
4. The more gratitude I have for what I have been given, the more I will receive.
5. Finally- jewelry is way overpriced for what it’s worth.
I still have a ways to go before meeting my ultimate goal and I am not sure HOW, but that hasn’t stopped me yet! I’ll keep you posted.
With gratitude,
Jessica Rafeld