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You Are So Busted

You are so busted! You know what you did. Or didn’t do. Where you’ve fallen short.
Think about it. I’ll wait . . .
I hope you’ve had time to reflect and figure it out.
This was the single line my youngest daughter (five years old) said to me yesterday: “You are so busted.” Though she was imitating something from a TV show, it struck me and really got me thinking. I scanned. Was it something I ate, drank or smoked? No. Was it something I promised her and went back on? No. How is my marriage? Pretty damn great. Is my money in good shape? Yup. Doing well with my family members? Check.
I kept thinking and of course came up with a good one, since you know how addicted to personal growth I am. But I also got very curious what other people would come up with if they got stuck with that same charge: “you are so busted.”
Scan the same areas I did and then dig even deeper. Long pause.
Here is what I came up with: I have a dream to be a world changer, a leader, someone who helps bring new levels of peace and happiness to humanity. And, as inspiring as this dream is, most moments of the day I “cheat” on it by being somewhere else in my consciousness. Some of my favorite states of consciousness include “control freak,” “mistrustful” and “better than.” Neville, my favorite author on manifesting, explains that we can only be “being” in one state at a time. So here is my plan–so far–for inhabiting my desired state of consciousness, called “spiritual leader,” more often than one of those others:
1) Track my thoughts throughout the day and keep a log of thoughts that go against my dream. Don’t get upset by these, but be excited to catch them. This never gets old and is never a waste of time.
2) Spend as much time as possible, using any idle time, to imagine myself as a spiritual leader and taste, touch, hear, speak the words I would if it were so.
3) Catch negative “thought trains” and choose not to get on them. Even if they feel comfortable or familiar, like worrying about an upcoming event or rehashing a bad result, just don’t go there, change my mind. Instead, go back to #2.
4) Do things I wouldn’t normally do in honor of my dream. For example, in this coming month, I am going to record a product to sell with myself as the star!
How about you?
You can see the point here is first, ‘fess up to where you are betraying your own dreams, standards, or even simply avoiding doing the right thing. Then, change your mind, your feelings and your actions. I am not trying to make it seem simple (though the directions are) but I am urging you to START NOW. Please join me.
Please make getting busted the best thing that ever happened to you!
So much love,