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Your Dreams vs. Your Fears

A few years back, I did a retreat on the topic of fear. It was illuminating! We had everyone write down their fears and we read them out loud. Can you guess what people were afraid of?

– Failing
– Embarrassment
– Repeating mistakes, which is essentially failure and embarrassment.

There is a battle between going for your dreams and the fear of possibly looking bad and we are conflicted over which to give priority. The irony for most of us that is we are willing to essentially pre-destine our own failure RATHER than go for dreams and leave success to a combination of internal and external factors.

Maybe this really is all about our desire to control others, specifically what they think of us. And maybe that’s why the #1 fear reported is public speaking, rather than death.

Speaking in front of people is an extremely potent form of vulnerability. You are on the spot for being you, looked at, judged, possibly even criticized. This is the ultimate in fear-provoking for most of us and yet the people we admire the most do speak, usually publicly; they risk it all to be known, to be an example, to be challenged, to be loved, to love and to teach. These people live in true alignment with their dreams.

The entire Handel Method is designed to enable you to be such a person. We start with your Personal Integrity and ask you to deal with how you are living that may be inconsistent with your dreams. Then we teach you the tools for telling the truth and resolving issues from the past, so you are not bound by what you are hiding or what is haunting you.

Unencumbering yourself from secrets and shame is hugely freeing. Essentially we teach you to like yourself, which then makes it much easier to be real. Being real makes it much easier to communicate, (even speak publicly.) And by the way, it makes it easier to relax, too and you could probably use some of that, huh?

If you’re a client, will you comment below and say which access point was most powerful for you?

1) Personal Integrity
2) Telling the truth
3) Resolving a haunting issue from the past
4) When we just push you to take the damn risk

If you’re new to the Handel Method and want to begin the process of uncovering and designing the “real you,” a great place to start is at the FREE teleseminar that I will be leading, “Make Your Dreams Come True.” I will be sharing some powerful coaching about facing the fears that get in the way of your dreams.

Love, Laurie