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Your Kick-Ass Life

Do you struggle with getting your daily tasks done? Lauren Zander joins Andrea Owen, host of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast to share her strategies on how to be accountable when it comes to doing the work and how to develop the awareness to stop the cycle of numbing out and isolating in your life. Ready to get into action? 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Lauren’s path to becoming a life coach (7 minutes and 30 seconds)
  • What is personal integrity and how she uses it to help people achieve their goals (13:51)
  • One trick to keep you accountable when it comes to doing the work (20:17)
  • Boundaries: Why people say, “Yes,” when they mean, “No,” and how to empower ourselves to say, “No”, when we really mean it (26:35)
  • How to develop the awareness to stop the cycle of numbing out and isolating (35:12)
  • The seven ways we lie, cleaning up your lies and telling the truth and how doing so can truly jumpstart your happiness (38:17)

Resources from this episode:

Find out which areas of life you may need to work on with the free coaching tool from Lauren Zander and Handel Group, The Current Reality Quiz. It’s an easy (and fun!) way to self assess.

Talk to a human and see if Handel Group coaching options are right for you:

Inner.U is the digital coaching course from Lauren Zander and Handel Group – 14+ hours of audio coaching, 50+ written assignments, community chat, and much more. Use code YOURKICKASSLIFE75 for $75 off a subscription level at checkout! InnerU.Coach

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