Women x Power Panel @ The Trybe Salon | Handel Group

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March 14, 2019
Led by Lauren Zander
CEO, Co-founder and Chairwoman

Women X Power: Uncover what happens when women take the reigns in business, politics, and the arts. The TRYBE Salon Series is a space to explore and mobilize around key issues.

In partnership with the two lady bosses at GOLDISH studio, join Trybe on March 14th in honor of International Women’s Day for a night of experiential education learning from a line up of women who are changing the game.  The night will begin with superfood snacks and beverages, followed by a moment of music & meditation with Biet and Idil. Then, it will lead into a panel discussion and guided conversation with Lauren Zander: Life Coach to (nearly) every Lady Boss we know, Alessandra Biaggi, NY State Senator, and Miki Agrawal: Serial Entrepenuer + OG badass. The night will close with an interactive art experience and a Female Makers Marketplace in support of the fave lady artisans and biz bosses.

This Salon supports the ladies but is open to humans of all gendered identities! Boys and men are wanted and welcome.