How to Find Love: A Guide to Dating & Relationships with Selena Garefino | Handel Group

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12:00 - 1:30PMET
Tuesday, May 18th
Led by Marnie Nir
SVP & Chief Content Officer | Expert Coach

If you are TRULY done playing blind man’s bluff when it comes to love, join Laurie Gerber, dating expert and life coach from Handel Group, for a hot and heated 90-minute live event on her wildly honest, BS-free, dating method: How to Find Love: A Guide to Dating & Relationships.

At this lively, unabashed event, you will investigate which of the 3 H’s – the Head, Heart, or Hoo-Ha – you leave high and dry. You will also learn to end self-sabotaging dating patterns and design a new plan for finding love – for real. Because now you’ll be equipped with the means to happily deal with the 4th H: the hunt.