5 (GOOD) Dates a Week: How to Find Love & Sex in a Pandemic | Handel Group

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8:00-9:45PM EST
Tuesday, July 21st
Led by Alyssa Rocco
HG Staff

Because a new crush is the sexiest boost to the immune system, you’re invited to this workshop with a private virtual speed dating party to follow.

We promise juicy, intimate conversation about the tri-f*ck-ta of love x sex x dating—yes, even in a global pandemic. Then, put new tips to use in virtual speed dates we’ve set up for you.


As COVID set in, in March/April 2020, show host Leiti Hsu designed two Love In The Time Of Corona gatherings on Zoom. 200+ singles attended. Feedback afterward: “I completely changed the way I date” and several guests fell in love (yes, really)…

The thing is, she coach Alyssa Rocco made a promise to one another to make dating even more fun and hot, despite lockdown. They bring not one, not two, but several whole lifetimes worth of LOVE STORIES—and learnings.

Quarantine may be best thing that’s ever happened to winding your way to The One.