A No-Nonsense Guide to Dating & Finding the One | Handel Group

A No-Nonsense Dating Guide to Finding The One


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
November 14, 2018
Led by Laurie Gerber
EVP & Head Coach

If you are truly done playing blind man’s bluff when it comes to love, join Laurie Gerber, Head Coach of Handel Group, for an eye-opening presentation on her wildly honest, no-nonsense dating method, 3Hs Guide to Finding the One. At this lively session, Laurie will have you take a look at which of the 3Hs-the head, heart or (take a deep breath!) hoo-ha – you leave high and dry. If you can start to see your past dating patterns, you can do something about them. Leave this session with a better sense of how to navigate your love life, while getting deeply honest about what you really want.