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Beth Halper

Beth Halper, a reformed giver of unsolicited advice, has always had a knack for helping others, so it’s no wonder she ended up as a Staff Coach with HG Life after decades in the music industry guiding musicians’ careers.

After finding herself at the same Design Your Life workshop for a second year running in 2017, Beth decided to stop flirting with The Handel Method and take the plunge into private coaching. Within six months she was interviewing her then coach on how to become a coach herself. In 2020, Beth graduated the Coach-in-Training program and now coaches humans to design and live happy lives.

Beth studied International Relations at Syracuse University, before returning to her home turf of Los Angeles at 23 years old to defrost from her time in the frozen tundra. It was there in her mom’s townhouse that this Valley girl first heard the eclectic sounds of independent radio’s KCRW. In a few year’s time, Beth was hosting her very own show! In 1994, the Go Zone caught the attention of music business executives, who offered her an A&R position. For the next ten years, Beth worked at MCA and Dreamworks Records, finding and signing bands and artists to those labels, until she left the music industry to start a family with her husband. In a bid to clean up the skeletons in her closet, Beth returned to Syracuse University to finish the nine credits that stood between her and her BA at age 51. Beth is the second in her family to graduate from a four-year institution, the first being her 70-year-old paternal grandfather.

The three B’s (Beth, Butch, and baby Bo-Violet, now 15) are the Idea-Generating Machines of their Los Angeles neighborhood. When she’s not transforming the lives of others, Beth likes to brag about the many uses of her Instant Pot and watch French TV. Her favorite color is the lively fuschia.