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Workshops & Services

We bring real life education to students, teachers, and administrators at all levels of learning. Our workshops and services are fully customizable. We will work closely with you to design workshops and classes that fit the culture and history of your institution while simultaneously addressing the critical emerging issues on today’s campuses and schools.

Undergraduate programs

Education is one of the most important investments of life, and we help students optimize ROI by giving them the tools to successfully navigate our most challenging obstacle: our own minds. By teaching students to reprogram the voices in our heads, we upgrade their “operating systems.” Students learn to optimize their education by connecting deeply to their purpose, seeing themselves as the authors of their lives, and designing anything they want.

Secondary education programs

By teaching students to see themselves as the author, with the ability to create anything they can dream up, we equip students with the most powerful tool on earth: mastery of their own destiny. With a holistic approach that covers every area of their lives, we provide students with a powerful set of tools to create success and make their dreams a reality.

Leadership and legacy trainings

Professional development for leaders of academic institutions is multi-layered and often requires a highly-customized approach. We tailor our services to meet individual, departmental, and campus-wide needs and offer both one-on-one coaching as well as group workshops that catalyze increased transparency and accountability.

Keynote speaking

We are happy to address your audience. Contact us to find out more about creating content for your specific event, meeting, or seminar.

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