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HG EDU is on a mission to bring conscious living to formal education. We believe it’s fundamental to teach people not just how to learn, but how to live. We bring The Handel Method to students, educators, faculty and administrators and offer much needed instruction on how to deal with the most important areas of life. We teach students how to design their lives, create their future, resolve their past, love their families, have difficult conversations, tell the truth, and live according to their highest ideals for themselves. Our work deals head on with universal personal issues and focuses on developing Personal Integrity, transparency and accountability.
HANDEL GROUP® is a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions. Our straightforward and innovative method has changed the lives of thousands of private and corporate clients and has been taught in over 50 educational programs including MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business.
THE HANDEL METHOD® takes a revolutionary approach to life. Through this innovative coaching process, you will come to know and love yourself, resolve your personal history and manage your mind. You will develop Personal Integrity® and align your heart, mind and actions with your dreams. You will see and understand yourself from a different perspective and experience your life with newfound compassion, humor and honesty.

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Handel Group is a proud sponsor of Human Better EDU (HBE), a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Please note, contributions to Human Better EDU and purchasing Human Better EDU’s services are very different activities, with different tax results (i.e., one gives rise to a charitable deduction and one does not).