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1:30PM – 2:30PM EDT
Wednesday, April 7th
Led by Kimberly Cabot
Director of Sales, Senior Executive Life Coach

Without question, it takes something to have a vision and take the right actions to become the success you want to be, both personally and professionally in normal times. Imagine NOW!

Handel Group® has helped thousands of people articulate their vision for their careers in a way that inspires, has them bust their own excuses and negative theories, and get the tools they need to get into the right action to create the career of their dreams.

Sarah Aviram leverages her career as a corporate HR leader and her personal experience of rocking out her own dream career to show you how to stop the inertia of your unfulfilling career and build one with freedom, authenticity, and intention.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate your career dream
  • Uncover what you really want & design your career
  • Bust your own excuses
  • Identify self-sabotaging inner dialogue
  • Identity what’s motivating your decisions around your career
  • Create an action plan that is a match with your new dream!